"Just want to say I've just read your book, saw you on the ch4 documentary."
I have 4 kids and had 1st in hospital which I felt was mismanaged so had next 3 at home.
I am very glad you wrote this book as I agree with every word.
In particular I learned from your tips on breastfeeding, especially re the pain and difficulties that cause a lot of people to give up.
Most people think I'm crackers having my kids at home but like you I think it was by far easier for me and the rest of my kids.
Unfortunately in my area there have been major comebacks and homebirths are becoming harder to access. I've been told if I have another I will most likely have to travel to the nearest hospital 20 miles away and I have quick labours!!
Keep writing I've read hundreds of books but yours is the one I would have written myself. Well done Charlene I will be recommending you to everyone with a bump I encounter!!
Hiya, I ordered your book on 12th jan and just wondered if i can expect it anytime soon? Am 4 1/2 months now and cant wait to read it!
Also thought you were so inspirational- and beautiful children!
I am the oldest of five and we were all home educated so its great to see someone doing such a great job and holding down a sucessful career! keep it up sal x
Your feature on the recent ch4 show was inspirational. Well done.
I am still bf at 2 years - lots of pressure to stip - always imagined home schooling - would love to get your book - please let me know details so that I can purchase it.
Many thanks Dani
I just wanted to send a message to tell you that you are an inspiration.
I am completely in awe of you.
I am a Mummy to two boys and stepmummy to a teenage girl.
I love everything about you that i saw on the show tonight and came to tell you how awesome you are.
You are amazing and your children will thank you so much for being there for them so much! Congratulations by the ay on the birth of your seventh.
I don't know how you do it but you rock Mumma!! xx
Hi Charlene I first saw you on Sharon Horgan's programme you are an inspiration to many mothers, you are doing a amazing job.
My son is 12 years old now but still have stretch marks on my stomach which affect my confidence in finding a new man.
Does your cream work so late on in life?
Please email me I would really appreciate it. Thanks
Hello charlene, I have just watched the documentary featuring you,
and wanted to say you are an inspiration.
I am mum to 2 boys and 1 due in Sept
. I homebirthed them and plan to do the same thid time.
I also adore breastfeeding and was delighted to see you feeding your daughter, especially since i am still feeding my 2 1/2 year old son.
I would love to know how you dealt with breastfeeding while pregnant.
I love being a stay at home mum Linzi
i just wanted to say how amazing i think you are,
i wish your products had of been out when i had my 1st baby!
i have 5 children, the youngest just turned 1 on the 2nd jan, and my body is horrendous,
i look like im 5 months pregnant still, it just wont shift and the stretch marks are beyond belief.
i am amazed that you look so fabulous after 7 beautiful babies
how did you get your waist back after so many?
well done you, and congrats on your newest addition, you must be so proud,
best wishes, leanne x
Hello, Im just watching the 'How to be a good mother ' documentary and cannot tell you how wonderful it is to see someone evidently from the same planet as me :-)
We have two monkies (20 mths and 4 mths), would love as many more as possible but finances and space is against us at the moment.
We intend to home school and both our nippers are breastfed.
It was so, so good to see a mother on tv who breastfeeds, supports home birth and homeschooling and is glam!
Amongst friends into similar I often feel like the only woman in the world who breastfeeds and wears mascara!
Your great and an absolute inspiration.
Wishing you well, Louisa
Dear Charlene I don't know you but saw you on the How to be a good mother documentary the other day.
The whole thing was really good but I really enjoyed seeing another home educator and home birther.
I only have 1 daughter, I think it's great to see someone so positive with everything you do - and unusual given that TV editors normally make homebirthing, breastfeeding, home educating mums out to be nutters!
Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and good luck with everything you do.
Kind regards Liz
Hi Charlene, i saw you on the documentary on channel 4....i really admire you,
ive just had my first baby a little girl, shes nearly 6weeks now!
From that documentary u looked so calm and cope so well and talk about being a commited mom :)!
You have 6 children well 7 now im guessing ?
how have you found or made the time to right your own book ,start a business etc with all your children?
i really dont want to go back to work as the thought of leaving my baby girl in a nursery at such a young age breaks my heart...
.i really want to start up a small business that enables me to stay at home with my daughter.
Any advice?
Also i regret it now but during my pregnancy i did not use any product on my stomach for stretch marks and now have quite alot....
would your product help at this stage or is it something i should of used from day1?
is it to late now?
I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Jessica x
hi i have seen you on the good mother programme including sharon and i think me and my fiancee think you are a true inspiration and have bought your book and are going to be using home school as seeing you do it has made us decide it is best and keeps more of a bond in the children and parents and its thanks to you that me and my fiancee see it like this :)
and me and my fiancee are interested in your stretch mark oil and are interest in the price you charge for it??
As vve are interested in buying some bottles :)
Hi Charlene, I wasn't going to contact you but then saw what you'd written about the Sharon Horgan show..
I've just been watching it in between feeding/settling my almost 1-year-old son.
I just wanted to say I thought you came across really well, I just told my husband you're my hero! We just have the one child at the moment but hope for a few more..
I planned on having a home birth but things didn't go to plan unfortunately..
The important thing is our son was born healthy.
Anyway I think you and your husband are doing an amazing job bringing up intelligent and sociable children.
I've been wondering how I will feel breastfeeding beyond a year but you made it look just what it is, completely natural.
Congratulations on your 7th baby, your children should be very proud to have you as their mum. Kind regards. Lucy x
plus many more....................
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Millenimum is a Supermum and Super inspiration Hamilton -
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I fell pregnant at seventeen, peoples instant reactions were, you'r too young,
 I have had doubts as to wether I am doing the right thing and I feel sometimes when I visit the doctor or hospital that they look down on me.
Deep inside I had my own visions of how I saw my pregnancy and how I saw me as Mum but I didnt really have the 
courage to speak out and voice my wants.
This book has now put me in the driving seat and I now have the confidence and belief in myself too do it my way.
I am so amazed that one normal mum can have more of a positive impact on my life than any professional I have yet to speak to.
 My Tip for mums to be is to buy this book  and learn to be yourself.

5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic!
By Bluebelle - See all my reviewsThis review is from: MillenniMUM: Decade of Pregnancy and Breast Feeding (Hardcover)
I found this book really useful during my pregnancy as it's packed with real
 information, useful tips and photo's you just don't find in other pregnancy & breastfeeding book. Highly recommended.


5.0 out of 5 stars 21st century experience of pregnancy and breastfeeding Excellent!!!Babyboo (Hampshire) - See all my reviewsThis review is from: MillenniMUM: Decade of Pregnancy and Breast Feeding (Hardcover)
I thought this book really was excellent. (A must buy) I bought 2 other books along side this one,
And this one was definatly the best. It was a modern story of motherhood filled with all the advice and help you needed plus more!! 
Not ony did i get all the information that i needed, I really enjoyed myself reading it.
 It was a real life story filled with her own real life experiences and photos, something that you never see in other birth related books. It tells you the things that midwives and doctors don't.
 The other thing that it done for me, was made me realise how good breastfeeding is, I always thought "i am never going to breastfeed"
but after reading this, it has totally changed my mind.
 This book gave me a sense of warmth whilst reading it and so much inspiration.
 I wish i could meet this lady in person to say thank you , She will never know how much she has helped me. 
But if by some how the person who wrote this book reads this comment, 
Thank you very much for giving me such a good read with lots of help and support.
5.0 out of 5 stars Best pregnancy book available
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This is the most empowering pregnancy book you could read especially for young mums.
 It tells it like it is in a supportive and friendly manner calming fears and giving women real life information and choices. Should be required reading for all health profesionals with copies available to all young mums.
Nothing else like it on the market.
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