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MillenniMUM book
Decade of pregnancy and Breastfeeding soft back, colour pictures inside All my own, Tips and Experiences throughout the millennium Decade TAKES 10 DAYS TO GET TO YOU
Price: £10.00
MillenniMoM Book
Modern Mothers hand book Paper back, black and white pictures
Price: £10.00
Stretchmark Preventer UK button
Famous Stretch Mark preventer 150ml, formally known as betta by char From 4mths of pregnancy I would also say not suitable for people with nut allegies An oil made out of all natural ingredients helps to prevent stretchmarks, used through 7 pregnancies by me
Price: £10.00
Stretch Mark Preventer oil world wide
This is my Famous Stretch Mark preventer oil, formally known as Betta By Char, Its 150ml bottle of oil made out of all natural ingrediants, from 4 months of pregnancy, used through 7 pregnancies by me I would also say not suitable for people with nut allegies
Price: £10.00
stretchmark /scar reduction oil UK button
An oil made out of all natural ingredients helps the apperance of stretch marks & scars 100ml Bottle
Price: £5.00
Stretch mark and scar reduction oil world wide button
An oil made out of all natural ingredients helps the apperance of stretch marks and scars 100ml Bottle
Price: £5.00
Ahhh thats better nipple ointment
60ml An ointment specially fomulated to help ease sore and cracked nipples, All natural ingredients
Price: £5.00
Natural baby oil
150ml Literally Natural baby oil, No Fragrance, No Essential oils
Price: £5.00
What Wrinkles, Anti ageing facial cream
60ml jar of anti ageing cream, with its age fighting ingredients its great for preventing the signs of ageing. Lovely aroma, comes in gold gift bag
Price: £5.00
womens Deep Cleanse Facial Cleanser
100ml Deep Clrean Facial cleanser, leaves skin soft and hydrated, lovely aroma
Price: £5.00
"Best for Body" Body nurturing lotion
100ml natural body lotion, nurtures the skin leaving it soft and fresh lovely aroma
Price: £5.00
"Hold my hand" anti ageing hand softener
leaves hands feeling and looking younger and softer great anti ageing fighting ingredients lovely aroma 60ml comes in gold gift bag
Price: £5.00
Caressing massage oil
100ml, great for finishing off a long day. everyone loves a massage whether its a full body or just an area. This oil will help leave you relaxed and moisterised
Price: £5.00
"cool as cucumber" mens facial cleanser
leaves face cool and cleansed 100ml
Price: £5.00
"Feel Me" for men body nurturing lotion
100ml Mens nurturing cream, leaves the whole of their body soft and irresistible
Price: £5.00
"Refresh and Cool" after shaving balm
100ml after shaving balm, leaves his skin cool and fresh with its peppermint ingredients
Price: £5.00
mens anti ageing facial cream
60ml Jar of anti ageing facial cream, excellent age fighting ingredients leaving your skin looking younger and softer
Price: £15.00
"Muscle Man" massage oil
100ml bottle, a must have for any man, lovely massage oil to ease the tight muscles after a long day smells good too
Price: £5.00
"Head to toe" massage oil for men
100ml head to toe massage oil, your man will love this oil being massaged in to his body. Relieve daily stress and sooth tired muscles. all over body massage oil.
Price: £5.00
gift pack of exfoliator and facial cleanser
100ml of exfoliator lotion and 100ml facial cleanser, in pink gift bag
Price: £10.00
Gift set of ph rise and bath milk
100ml of bath milk and 100ml of Ph rise in pink gift bag
Price: £10.00
gift set body lotion and facial cleanser
100ml body lotion and 100ml facial cleanser in pink gift bag
Price: £10.00
tattoo after care
Price: £5.00
MillenniPOOCH Skin Soother
skin soother for dogs skin, will help prevent dry itchy skin.50ml
Price: £5.00
MillenniPOOCH Ache and Pain relief
rub direct on the area that is causing discomfort or rub on the pooches feet for it to ease the discomfort through the blood stream.50ml postage discount is giving for more than one item
Price: £5.00
MillenniPOOCH flea repellant
spread evenly over the skin twice a week to prevent fleas. 50 ml
Price: £5.00
MillenniPOOCH pooch relaxant
spray evenly over your pooch to help them stay calm and relax 150ml
Price: £5.00
MillenniPOOCH home smell fresh
spray mist as and when required. 150
Price: £5.00
MillenniPOOCH flea bath
bath as usual spray in to your hand and rub in 150ml
Price: £5.00
MillenniPOOCH non foaming bath wash
pooch bath non foaming gentle formular.150ml
Price: £5.00
Millennipooch dog hamper
large dog hamper, pick and choose what products you would like in the box
Price: £20.00
Millennipooch dog medium hamper
mix and match your chosen dog products and placed in a box like the other hampers on this page, colours may vary
Price: £15.00
MillenniMan hamper medium
mix and max mens products for a unique hamper
Price: £15.00
MillenniMUM hamper medium
mix and max products for a unique hamper colours may vary
Price: £15.00
Forevans cancer cells tablets
natural powders compressed into tablet form, to help prevent and change damaged cells or cancer cells back to normal There is a routine when to take this, a care and advice sheet will be given
Price: £15.00
natural powders compressed to create tablets to help prevent and relieve colon and IbS TROUBLES.
Price: £15.00
Forevans Arthritis help tablets
natural powders compressed in to a tablet formula to prevent and help against arthritis
Price: £15.00
Forevans back problems
natural ingredients compressed in to a tablet form to help prevent and repair back problems and disk
Price: £15.00
Forevans HPV prevention and help repair tablets
natural ingredients compressed in to tablet form to help fight against HPV which can long term turn in to cervical cancer if left untreated (that's why routine smears are IMPORTANT1)
Price: £15.00
Forevans teeth whitening powder
teeth whitening powder in pretty pot, use with a tiny drop of water to form a paste, helps prevent yellowing and turn back to white
Price: £6.00
Forevans head aches and migraine prevention
natural ingredients compressed in to tablet form to prevent head aches and migraines
Price: £15.00

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GIFT PACK 100ml millennimum facial cleanser, 100ml exfoliator lotion
List of ingredients for new products shortly.
Remember All Natural Ingredients Made and Used by ME
They are all natural ingredients, but please keep to the directions!
Please contact a health professional before use.
Keep away from children and babies
Keep away from your eyes
check your not allergic to any of the ingredients

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