My Oils, creams, lotions and Books have been on TV, in the media and been talked about on the radio, in the UK, CHINA and America
It has been in the 
Real people magazine, 
The daily Express newspaper, 
Warminster Journal,
Salisbury Journal, 
Baby Hampshire, 
Baby Surrey 
ELT Magazine
Daily Mail Newspaper
Times Newspaper
Done an article for Sawf News Breastfeeding whilst lying down. 
I have my own agony Aunt page in the ELT Birth and Beyond 360 magazine http://www.birthandbeyondmagazine.com/
 in America so please look out for that
It was also on channel 4, as I was in a documentary on Motherhood on January 11th 2012
I am also due to appear on channel 5 Live with Gabby show soon
And has been on a Documentary for Chinese Television
My book is now available on
Amazon UK and US. 
Water stones,
Tesco Books
and also available from this website
Nearly every online book store in America including wholesales and Distribution sites
Its also available on kindle edition as well.
Its for mums and mums to be.
Its got  a lot of information in it, regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding including advice and my own tips.
Also its got all of my own photos and experiences throughout the book there's also a part for the young mum.
My book is different to other pregnancy books as most of the other books seem very clinical and are often wrote by health professionals.
Mine on the other  hand is wrote by me an every day mum who's been through pregnancies, labours, breastfeeding and has been through the ups and downs of it all.
And still manages to juggle a healthy lifestyle around it.
I want to help other's feel confident, happy and try to make their pregnancy a positive worry free experience.
Also it will go over different alternatives such as home births, drug free labours, home education and how to manage them.
Also style how NOT TO BE a frumpy mum

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Millennimum ELT Magazine

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baby hampshire magazine.
New artical
still out now for 3 months
meet millennimum

meet millennimum baby hampshire magazine, home education pictures
available for 3 months to buy still

prima baby national magazine

real people magazine

super mum of six daily express newspaper

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