Fund Raising Events!!!
Yummy Mummy Charity:
Raising money for children with Cancer
millenniMUM yummy mummy t shirt, charity, raising money, children cancer
Every book and every product sold will give £1 to help children with cancer.
I will also being doing a fun fund raising event as well for them on the 26th march.
If you have a good cause which you would like me to help raise money for please get in touch.
I love to help! x
Comic Relief - MillenniMUM goes MillenniFUN
Order MillenniMUM today to raise 10% to Comic Relief.Every book ordered on this website, Gives comic Relief 10%Also join me while I go MillenniFUN in Southampton with my MillenniMUM, Funny Tum.Where I will also be doing Face Painting.
Thank you to Everyone who took part, contributed and bought my products to help make money for Comic relief.
It was very much appreciated and went to a very good cause.
The donations have finished now until next year but thank you again x
comic relief fund raising
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