Doula packages now available

After my grandsons birth, The midwives suggested me to become a doula (birth companion to mums) or a nursery nurse to stay and help mums after they have given birth for few days, to help give them some rest and look after their new born.

I have always loved children and have had hands on experience looking after them since the age of about 10

I have been pregnant 9 times, not many people know that until now. but had no heart beat on an ultrasound scan at 10 weeks pregnant on the first pregnancy which resulted in a DNC.

I had a further 8 successful pregnancies, 6 born at home with no pain relief and 2 born in hospital with no Pain relief.

I breast fed all of them, and being human also had roller coasters through some of them.

I have had over a year of thought in to becoming a doula or nursery nurse and have now decided that I will create some packages for mums to be who would like to take advantage of this

I have my granddaughter being born this year, around 2nd April if she comes on time so will most definitely be present at hers.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch

I am available to ANY MUM, whether, your a teen, the older mum or any in the middle

I am most certainly not there to judge you or criticise you, its your pregnancy! your birth! so the choices are yours!!
I am there to support, and give you company in the most amazing time in your life through out the birth of your amazing baby.

The standard package is this one below, which is £900, (payment plans can be arranged as long as its all paid by 37weeks after the first 25% DEPOSIT 
But if you require more than this standard package then please just contact me

I will meet with yourself, or you and a partner, friend, relation whatever you feel most comfortable with

we can introduce our selves and you can tell me what is you require? and what sort of birth you would like.

I require a 25% deposit the same day if it is something you would like to go ahead with.

I will then attend a midwife, scan, or consultant appointment with you (whichever one you chose) I will require the rest of the amount owed by this date or on it so that we can then be ready for the birth of your baby

I will then become on call for you from 37 weeks pregnant until your baby is born.

I will support and stay with you throughout your birth and for about 3 hours after or until you feel settled!

I will return a week later to see how you and your baby are getting on

You will receive

*Help, support and friendship
*As much advice as I can offer you, if I don't know the answer I will try and research and find out for you

*A free book of mine
*A bottle of stretch mark preventer
*Jar of facial cream
*A card and gift after your baby is born

I am not reading from text books, I am going by experience that I went through, 8 pregnancies, 8 labours all different, different complications arising, the pain, managing the pain, looking after my new born babies all from when I was just 16 years of age, nearly 20 years experience of my own mind and body dealing with ever changing shape, emotions, hormones, pain and experiences. Followed by high and lows of breastfeeding including very sore cracked nipples
But I can say it was all worth my while and I wouldn't change a moment of it!! (well maybe a couple LOL :D )

Whether this is for you or not, whether you chose someone else to share that magical moment with you

I wish you all the best and a wonderful future with your beautiful baby

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