About Me, How I started in Cosmetics
millennimum charlene evans
My Famous Stretch Mark Preventer was only the beginning,
We now have MillenniMUM, MillenniMAN, MillenniBABE, MillenniGRAN and even MillenniDOG products available.
All natural products with natural ingredients freshly made to order
Hi My name is Charlene I have got 8 children ages 17, 15, 14, 13, 10,9,7 and  our youngest who is 3
I fell pregnant on our first baby when i was 16, Although i was over the moon I started worrying about STRETCH MARKS.
I know some people are not fussed if they get them or not but for me it was a big thing.
I dreaded the thought of having these horrible marks on my body. I wanted something to stop them or at least prevent them!

MillenniMUM Charlene Evans. 7 Children

I did not know what to use as my main interest was our baby and I was not sure what was the safest thing to use in pregnancy.
So I went to a health shop bought lots of natural ingredients and made my own. 
It did take me a few weeks but I finally came up with something that seemed great, the only thing I had to do now was try it and hope for the best.
So I rubbed my stretch mark oil called millenniMUM formally known as Betta by char in as often as I could to keep my skin smooth soft and elasticated.
I used it from 4 mths of pregnancy right until 9 months and came out stretch mark free.
It felt like a miracle!!!!!!
So each time I fell pregnant I waited to the 4 month mark and then made and used it again, and would you believe it  worked each time. so even after my last pregnancy number 7 I still had none, 
I went from a size 24 waist up to a size 38inch waist this was actually the biggest I had been.
Some People say "you must just have small babies" but my babies were a good size for my frame being 7lb 13oz, 6lb 15oz, 7lb 1oz, 8lb 6oz, 7lb 9oz and 7lb 8 oz ,
6lb 11oz and 8lb 5oz
They also say " you must have just been lucky" But in my opinion my oil worked, in pregnancy your skin stretches pulling at the skin.
Skin also can become very dry in pregnancy so my oil kept it soft, moisturised and elasticated which helped it to gradually stretch without tearing at the skin.
 Since my 17 year old has also had a baby and she used it throughout too, she also came out completely stretch mark free

My oils are called MillenniMUM, formally known as Betta by Char, or in the real people magazine they called it miracle cream.

I now make lots of natural cosmetics for everyone, women, men and children from body, hand, face creams and oils also a whole range of natural health products too please see my products page
Please look out for my new breastfeeding support group coming soon called Bottle droppers.
Or read my column in the ELT Magazine every month
As I also breast fed all of our children and had all home births with no pain relief and also home educate them which is completely legal.
Even if you don t purchase my cream or oils or do not need to contact me may I wish you all the best with your growing family xxx

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